Austrian Georgian Development LLC is a construction-development company established in June 2013 aiming to develop and implement energy projects in Georgia. The construction of Lakhami 1 and Lakhami 2 HPPs project began in 2017. Lakhami Hpp is a run-of-the-river hydro power plants project, located in Mestia Municipality, on the river Lakhami, with the installed capacity of 16 MW and average annual output of 80,000,000 kWh. Lakhami HPPs are connected to the National grid via a 35/6 kW power transmission line.

Austrian Georgian Development LLC is co-owned by CCEH Hydro III LLC, Geo Hydro Capital Group LLC and  Energy Solutions LLC. The information about mentioned companies are given below.

Caucasus Clean Energy Holding Pte.  (CCEH) is an international investment company. The Company has commenced its active operations in Georgia since 2015. The Company aims at investing in construction of small and medium HPPs in Georgia through the equity participation. In addition, extremely important aspect for the Company is not only provision of highly required capital for the projects, but also their enrichment with western best practices related to construction and operation of small hydropower plants. Together with the project developers, we share the common vision and strategy to achieve financial returns, amongst other things, through intangible value creation and implementation of best practices in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects, which is a basis of the CCEH investment philosophy.

Energy Solutions LLC was founded in 2014 aiming for the construction and development of small and medium-sized hydropower plants in Georgia. The company’s main directions in hydro energy business are consultancy services and project development. The consultancy service covers full technical, financial and legal support, including determination of new project opportunities and optimization of existing hydro power plants. Project development includes identifying the projects on initial stages, executing necessary studies, fundraising and leading the project’s day to day management for achieving successful accomplishment. The company has created solid and trustful management and consultancy team in hydro power business of Georgia.

Geo Hydro Capital Group LLC was founded in 2013. The main direction of the company is development of small and medium-sized hydropower plants in Georgia.